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  • Playable Formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG, MP3 (see above for more details)

  • SNR: 108dB

  • THD: 0.0022% (15kHz,-90dB); 0.04% (1kHz, -87dB); 0.014% (15kHz, -76dB)

  • Crosstalk: >75dB (32 Ohm load)

  • Internal Clock Jitter: 1.5ppm

  • Jitter at SP/DIF Output: 2ps

  • Memory: 32GB Flash (Total built-in - will be less due to formatting as with normal memory and hard-drives)

  • Memory Card Slot: Mini-SD up to 32GB

  • Analog Outputs: 3.5mm (up to 125 Ohm) and 6.5mm headphone sockets / jacks (up to 300 Ohm or more - many customers are successfully using 600 Ohm headphones) , both active at the same time.

  • Analog Output Voltage: 2V maximum at 6.5mm socket (can deliver up to 13.3mW); 620mV maximum at 3.5mm socket

  • Digital In: Coaxial SP/DIF

  • Digital Out: Coaxial SP/DIF

  • ADI AD823 chip (Op-amp)

  • Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip (Analog Digital Converter)

  • Cirrus Logic CS8422 SRC chip (Sample Rate Converter)

  • TCXO high-precision crystal oscillator

  • ALPS Pro Audio Series slider level / volume control

  • Display: OLED 2.4" (6.1cm), 320 x 240 pixels

  • EQ Options: Normal, Bass, Classical, Rock, Pop and Jazz

  • Firmware updatable via Colorfly website.

  • Size: 124 x 72 x 20 mm (Approx)

  • Weight: 259g (Approx.)

  • Battery: Internal 3.7V - (approximate play time 6 to 8 hours depending on format and sampling rates)

  • Charging time: normal charge approximately 4 hours; maximum charge approximately: 24 hours

  • Battery Charger: Supplied, 240V AC, Australian Plug

  • Wooden Housing: Black Walnut

  • Price: HKD$4680 (16gb) / $5680 (32gb)


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