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WPM 無底Filter Bottomless Portafilter

Bottomless Portafilter
HKD $400

WPM 單腳 兩腳 Filter Single Double Portafilter

Single / Double Spout Portafilter
HKD $400

Capsule Compatible Portafilter (Nespresso)

Capsule Compatible Portafilter (Nespresso)
HKD $460

木柄 Wooden Handle Portafilter

Wooden Handle for 
KD-310 / KD310J / KD310VP
HKD $400

WPM Tamper Holder Stand

Tamper Holder Stand
HKD $290

WPM Portafilter Stand

Portafilter Stand
HKD $230

WPM 鋁 黑 白 Aluminium Tamper

Aluminium Tamper
HKD $290

WPM Knock Box Silver White Black 拍粉渣筒 銀 黑 白

Knock Box

HKD $250

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