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  • World first 3-in-1 "Music+Light+Wake" function boutique, not a gimmick or gadget.

  • Natural Sleep: Emulate the Sunset to let you sleep naturally, gradually dimming Sunset lighting and music to help you fall asleep easily. Natural Wake: Sunrise silently to bring you from deep sleep to shallow sleep in 30 minutes, then wake you with natural canaries singing.

  • Best Music: World leading N-class 2.1 speaker system with patented sideway stereo effect.

  • Smart Light: Millions of beautiful colors to suit your subtle moods, Diamond lighting sync with your favorite music, best for camping. Reading Light: Bedside causal reading before sleep with soft white light (No heat, energy saving LEDs) with your favorite music.

  • Bluetooth: Auto Bluetooth pairing (unlike most Bluetooth speaker hard to pair) and connect over 30 feet (over most competitors).

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