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ZD-10 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


Product Description:


- 20 grind settings.

- Durable conical burrs retain the quality of the coffee.

- Deliver a consistent, even grind.

- Grind continuously into a container.

- Enable grind size for espresso, drip coffee, French press etc.


Color Option: Orange/Deep Sky Blue/Alice Blue

                         Dark Green/Dark Red

- 1-20 檔位研磨粗細調節

- 保持咖啡豆風味, 均勻研磨

- 從手沖到意式顆粒粗細皆可

- 義大利設計錐形刀具

- 低速研磨方式

- 250 克豆缸容量


重量: 1.4kg

尺寸: 20 x 13.5 x 29 cm(長x寬x高)

顏色選擇: 橙/天空藍/愛麗絲藍/暗綠/暗紅


價格: HK$800


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