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ZD-16 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


Product Description:


- 40 grind setting will match even the most particular need.

- Electronically shot timer for one or two cups.

- Italian designed conical burrs achieve excellent grind consistency while maintaining durable performance.

- Slow speed grinding for protecting coffee aroma.

- Grind on demand system together with the group handle locator allows fresh ground coffee go straight away to the portafilter or grind container.

- 增加研磨度調整的範圍,40檔讓你隨時研磨出適合手沖,虹吸或意式的咖啡粉研磨度。

- 電子計時研磨功能,可記錄一杯及兩杯的出粉份量。

- 出粉口添加防靜電零件,盛裝器定位裝置,觸動式按鈕。

- 350 克咖啡豆缸可讓你放進更多的咖啡豆。

- 範圍: 意式 → 手沖咖啡


重量: 2.7kg

尺寸: 23 x14 x 40 cm(長x寬x高)

顏色: 鍍鈦黑


價格: HK$1500

Cafetto® 磨豆機清潔丸(Grinder Clean) 能有效地消除磨刀毛刺殘留物和咖啡豆殼所產生的咖啡油,可有效地保留咖啡的香味,本產品百分百用有機植物製成,能完全除去咖啡油,還能使磨刀更加鋒利。


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