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Roasting Frequency Freshly roasted coffee beans in Hong Kong. ESPRESSO, GRINDER, COFFEE, WPM

Master's Choice
Roasting Frequency Coffee Bean Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 咖啡豆 埃塞俄比亞 耶加雪夫 柴灣 東區

Ethiopian Naturally processed Yirgacheffe Aricha inspire you in this Summer.

Special Features
roasting frequency coffee beans wpm Fuji Royal Astroia 咖啡豆 咖啡機 磨豆機 富士機 柴灣 東區

The "WPM" "Fuji Royal" "Astroia"

Coffee Equipments are now available for pre-order.

Accessories Equipment
roasting frequency coffee bean 咖啡豆 咖啡工具 柴灣 東區

We are now offering "Cafetto" Espresso Machine Cleaner, Tablets & Descaler.

Our Fan Page
roasting frequency 咖啡豆 facebook fb 柴灣 東區

Check it out ~ Let's go to our fan page to get the most Update Status.

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