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The bambeats iTamtam wireless audio system features innovative design coupled with the highest quality in 360° sound.


Product Description

iTamTam Cool sit on a rock star premium docking station.

  • Compatible with virtually all iPod/iPhone media players

  • 3 Independent speakers. 1 Subwoofer and 2 circular placed midrange tweeters

  • Pure, rich and lifelike depth of sound for a punchy output

  • Strong, stable and rigid design with a maximum weight load of 100 kgs

  • Versatile and functional - a timeless piece that can be placed anywhere in the home

  • Design based on the original 1967 Tamtam stool

  • An iconic, all round modern day design classic, for those daring a refined lifestyle

  • Audiophile 2 way quality acoustic performance

  • Centralised and upward facing 5.5" 25 W subwoofer

  • 4 independent outward facing mid-range tweeters for 360 degrees all around sound

  • Docking station charges the unit during the play session

  • Allows for incoming communication without interference during the play session

  • Digital amplifier with 2 x 35 W signal processing using low heat emission technology

  • Auxilliary Input mini-jacks allows a connection to external media players




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